3 Ways Relationship Therapy for One Can Help Your Marriage

A couple embrace while standing close to one another. They are feeling much happier after starting marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment. Learn more about relationship therapy for one in Atlanta, GA and other services by contacting an online therapist in Atlanta, GA.

Even happily married couples can hit obstacles along the way. When this happens, couples can try to go it alone and try to work through their issues themselves. Or, they can seek the guidance of a trained and experienced marriage counselor. Some couples feel their problems should be kept private. But, many more are finding the value of seeking help from an impartial and nonjudgmental third party.

Here are 3 ways relationship therapy for one can help your marriage.

A couple stand and smile while touching foreheads together. This could represent the support relationship therapy for one in Atlanta, GA can offer. Contact a black male therapist to learn more about marriage counseling in Decatur, GA and other services with Faith and Family Empowerment.

  1. Identifying Behavioral Patterns

Most of us are aware of our partner’s behaviors but unaware of our own. And, most challenges faced by spouses are the result of the patterns between them. But when you only see half (or less) of the dysfunctional patterns, the problems in the marriage can seem confusing and overwhelming.

A trained therapist can help individuals recognize their own negative patterns. They can also help clients understand how these patterns manifest in a relationship. By working with a therapist, both partners can feel empowered. Then, they can take a step back during conflicts as they occur, preventing escalation.

As a bonus, a therapist can also point out the strengths and resources they find in your relationship. By doing so, you can leverage and learn how to nourish them.

  1. Change at the Root Level of Relationship

A couple stands with their arms wrapped around each other smiling. This represents the bond relationship therapy for one in Atlanta, GA can cultivate. Contact an online therapist in Atlanta, GA to learn more about marriage counseling in Decatur, GA, individual counseling in Decatur, GA and more.

Once your therapist has helped you identify negative patterns, they can then help you understand why they are happening and assist you in changing them. Most behavioral patterns are formed and ingrained when we are very young. This often occurs before we become self-aware and before we’ve met our significant others.

Understanding why your partner reacts a certain way can create empathy and help communication. Once you’ve laid this solid foundation, your therapist can give you specific adjustments to change your relationship for the better.

  1. Deeper Intimacy in Your Marriage

A therapist will not only tailor changes based on your unique dynamics as a couple. They will also help you practice the adjustments and encourage you to remain vigilant and consistent. The result is a deeper intimacy and a deeper understanding of each other with a renewed commitment to meet each other’s needs and desires.

You may first feel embarrassed discussing marital problems in front of a stranger. But, in the end, a marriage counselor can bring you both to a more fulfilling phase of your partnership.

A close up of a couple holding hands against city lights. Relationship therapy for one in Atlanta, GA can help improve your bonds. Learn more about marriage counseling in Decatur, GA by contacting a therapist in Decatur, GA and other services. If you or a loved one is interested in exploring treatment, please contact me today. I would be happy to speak with you about how I may be able to help.

Begin Relationship Therapy for One in Atlanta, GA

Working on yourself can help you to improve your relationship. Relationship therapy for one in Atlanta, GA allows you to test the “why” behind situations, you find yourself in. What’s more, this will likely help your relationship. We can provide you the same quality of service that you’d receive in our Atlanta-based counseling clinic through online therapy. When you’re ready to begin individual counseling, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to us and let us know what’s going on.
  2. Get to know our team of counselors.
  3. Understand your “why.”

Other Services Offered with Faith and Family Empowerment

Relationship therapy for one isn’t the only service I offer from my Decatur, GA-based therapy practice. I’m happy to offer mental health services including marriage counseling, premarital counseling, individual therapy, depression counseling, and anxiety counseling. I also offer discernment counseling, counseling for affair recovery, and online therapy. Learn more by visiting my about, blog, or FAQ pages today!

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