Affair Recovery

You have discovered that your partner is having an affair. This could be a recent or old discovery. Either way, you are surprised and in shock.

You feel betrayed. Now, you are wondering if you can ever trust them again.

You've thought about ending your marriage. But, you are not quite sure yet.

If this sounds like something you're dealing with, counseling for affair recovery could help.

Signs That Your Spouse May be Cheating

Research about infidelity shows us that affairs are common. About 15% of married women and 20% of married men in the United States have had an extramarital affair. Of course, we want to trust and believe our partner. However, there are telltale signs that your spouse may be having an affair.
Signs your partner may be having an affair include:
  • secretive phone or computer usage
  • refusing to share account passwords
  • significant changes in appearance
  • unable to reach your spouse for long periods of time
  • changes in your sexual relationship: having less sex because your spouse is focused on another person or, increased sex due to trying to cover up an affair
  • your spouse becomes easily hostile
  • your friends seem to be uncomfortable around you
  • sudden changes in your spouse’s work schedule
  • unexplained charges on credit cards
  • they seem distant and unaffectionate
  • avoidance or deflection of the topic

Counseling for Affair Recovery in Atlanta, GA

A couple stands with their faces touching. They are happy they started counseling for affair recovery in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment. They worked with a professional marriage counselor for help recovering from an affair.

Trying to navigate through an affair is like being lost in the dark. But, an affair doesn’t have to signal the end of your relationship. Sometimes, it's a big sign that makes two people aware that something is wrong in the relationship. Affair recovery can help. At Faith and Family Empowerment we have helped many couples who are recovering from an affair. First, we will help you achieve clarity about your next steps. Rebuilding trust after an affair takes time. However, it is possible. If both of you are willing to work and commit to the process, then your relationship can move forward.

The Faith and Family Empowerment Approach to Affair Recovery

A couple smiles together while they work with a marriage counselor to help them in recovering from an affair. They get counseling for affair recovery in Atlanta, GA at faith and family empowerment 30071

In affair recovery, we follow a process that we know works for our clients. First, we meet both members of the couple to learn the story of the relationship. We talk about the challenges in the relationship and possible goals for counseling. Next, we meet with each member individually. Our counselors do this to learn about your family history. Additionally, we get to know your relationship history. And, we look at some of the struggles you are experiencing in the relationship. Within that discussion, we want to learn things. Like, what was missing in the primary relationship that brought you to the affair partner? Did you try and meet those needs within the relationship? What were the hindrances to meeting those needs?
The couple will also take an online assessment. This shows both the strengths and the struggles that the couple faces. Afterward we begin to talk about the story of the affair. A requirement of affair recovery is that the partner who is having the affair is no longer seeing the affair partner. If that relationship is still ongoing, it can be hard to work through. Then, there is a “third” person in the room that hinders therapeutic treatment.

Our Goals for Counseling for Affair Recovery

There are a few different goals in affair recovery. Some of the goals include discernment or making a decision on whether or not to continue the relationship. We also look at the relationship to see if there are unmet needs that are going unaddressed. Then, we will discuss healthy ways to meet these needs. Ultimately, we work on rebuilding trust through accountability, repentance or a changing of ways. And, forgiveness and looking at ways in which you and your partner can reconnect.

Begin Counseling for Affair Recovery in Atlanta, GA

A couple embraces in the fall. They are feeling happy since starting counseling for affair recovery in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment 30071. A marriage counselor assists them in recovering from an affair.You don’t have to live with stress, anxiety, worry, and lack of trust after an affair. Counseling can help you rediscover your reasons for marriage and rebuild your trust. Our Norcross counseling clinic has caring therapists that specialize in affair recovery. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

2. Get to know your new therapist and learn more about their approach to counseling for affair recovery.
3. Start rebuilding the trust in your relationship.

Other Mental Health Services at Faith and Family Empowerment

Affair recovery isn’t the only service we offer at our counseling center in Norcross, GA. We also offer services for couples, including marriage counseling and discernment counseling. For individual folks, relationship counseling for one, anxiety treatment, depression treatment, therapy for stress, and grief counseling. We offer services through online therapy in Georgia, as our Atlanta based counseling clinic is closed due to COVID-19. Additionally, we offer group counseling, Christian counseling, and counseling for adoptive families. Contact our therapy center today to learn how we can empower you to thrive. 

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