Am I Looking to Fix My Partner in Marriage Counseling?

Many times when I am approached about marriage counseling, the caller often says that the problem is communication.

A couple appear upset with one another as they sit together. Marriage counseling in Decatur, GA can offer support via black marriage counseling in Decatur, GA and Christian marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA. When we delve into discussions further, they will often state things like my partner shuts me out. Or if they would stop yelling, then things would be better. Other responses I have heard include: they always leave and we never solve the problem. They are always trying to tell me what to do.
These reactions are often responses to our spouse’s emotional buttons being triggered in our discussions. And the hard challenge for us is that we have no power over our spouse’s reactions.

There is Good News Though, Marriage Counseling in Decatur, GA Can Help

We do have power in the relationship and we need to claim that power. The power we have is in our own awareness and how WE respond in conflict. Are you aware of your own emotional triggers? Do you know what you are feeling when you yell, shut down, withdraw, or argue about who is right and who is wrong?
When I work with you in marriage counseling, my first focus will be on helping you gain personal awareness. I want you to know about your emotional triggers and how your family of origin affects them. Also, I want you to know about your reactions and how they are responses to your triggers being pushed. I will teach you how to learn about emotional safety. Together, you will learn to recognize when you are emotionally safe, and when you are not.

Personal awareness is very important.

A close up of a therapist writing notes while listening to a couple. This could represent marriage counseling in Decatur, GA. Learn more about Christian marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA by contacting a black male therapist today. With this awareness, we know how to regulate our emotions and recognize when we’re triggered and when we are safe. Then, we can begin to approach difficult conversations with our spouses. The worst time to have a difficult conversation with your spouse is when you or your spouse is emotionally triggered. When triggered, we react with negative responses. We enter into our reactive or fear cycle.
I like to say that every conflict that a couple has is a result of the couple entering the reactive / fear cycle when one or both of you get triggered. Learning how to regulate your personal emotions will lead to safer discussions on an emotional level. Emotional regulation will also create environments where you and your spouse can resolve issues. When we enter into marital counseling, let’s start with gaining our own personal awareness and taking personal responsibility.

Begin Marriage Counseling in Decatur, GA

A close up of a couple stacking their hands on one another. This could represent the support marriage counseling in Decatur, GA can offer. Learn more about black marriage counseling in Decatur, GA, Christian marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA, and other services.
You and your partner deserve support in improving the strength of your relationship. I would be happy to offer support from our Decatur, GA-based therapy practice. You can learn to become more personally aware. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Fill out an appointment request
  2. Get to know your caring therapist
  3. Start overcoming the issues affecting you most!

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