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When the Voice Keeps Spinning In My Head

One of the biggest challenges of anxiety is dealing with the voice that keeps spinning in our heads. It is the fear that something- perceived or real – is going to happen to us that we will be unable to handle. That fear can paralyze us and keep us from moving forward in life. It can also cause us unnecessary stress.

But where does it come from?

A woman sits on the edge of her bed looking distraught. She is considering beginning anxiety therapy in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.

When I work with clients, one of the ways I challenge that anxiety is by playing the fear out to its logical conclusion. Let’s say for example that losing your job is causing you anxiety. Sometimes you sit up and night and are unable to sleep because of the fear and anxiety from this potential situation.

So, we start playing the situation out

You lose your job— what happens next. In most cases, my clients come up with an answer. They might respond with a statement like I have savings, or my spouse works, or I have a friend I can stay with. We then keep asking the question—what happens next. The power in the question is that it gets the client to engage in their own solution-making process. And when clients engage in their own solution-making process, they usually find answers to issues that are causing them anxiety. In several cases, I have had clients realize they could survive job losses, the end of relationships, and the loss of loved ones. The realization that the person can survive the challenge brings some peace to the situation. And when people have peace, they can relax.

Anxiety comes from many different sources

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Anxiety comes when we are dealing with the loss of freedom, experiencing isolation, worried about death, or have an inability to find meaning in a situation. By playing out the situation and asking ourselves what comes next, we can begin to find creative solutions to our fears and equip ourselves with a plan to go forward. So, the next time that the anxious voice keeps spinning in our heads, let’s ask ourselves a question. What happens next? In many cases, you find out that you will be OK. 

Begin Anxiety Counseling in Atlanta, GA

Anxiety treatment in Atlanta, GA can teach you the skills you need to manage your anxiety in a productive, helpful way. Through online therapy in Georgia, we offer the high-quality anxiety treatment that we would in our Atlanta-based counseling practice. When you’re ready to begin counseling, follow these steps:

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