3 Ways Relationship Therapy for One Can Help Your Marriage

A couple embrace while standing close to one another. They are feeling much happier after starting marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment. Learn more about relationship therapy for one in Atlanta, GA and other services by contacting an online therapist in Atlanta, GA.

Even happily married couples can hit obstacles along the way. When this happens, couples can try to go it alone and try to work through their issues themselves. Or, they can seek the guidance of a trained and experienced marriage counselor. Some couples feel their problems should be kept private. But, many more are finding the value of seeking help from...[ read more ]

3 Ingredients to a Happy Marriage

A couple walks down the front steps of the church after their wedding. They are happy with their previous decision to start marriage counseling in Decatur, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment. Learn more about Atlanta Christian marriage counseling by reaching out to a marriage counselor in Norcross, GA today! 30030

Have you ever wondered why some marriages last decades while others barely go two years? Why do some couples thrive and grow together while others crash and burn? The secret? There are three secrets, actually; three ingredients to a happy and successful marriage. Without all three of these, many couples will struggle to remain connected and committed. 1st Ingredient to...[ read more ]

Feeling Disconnected? Here are 3 Ways to Reconnect

A couple sits next to each other over looking the city. They are feeling much happier after they decided to pursue couples therapy in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.

Thanks to Hollywood, many couples have been led to believe the secret to reconnecting and rekindling the passion is through a Caribbean cruise, sports cars, or jewelry. But the reality is, once there’s a disconnect between partners, gifts and vacations simply won’t cut it. It may seem counterintuitive, but love is mended not through grandiose deeds, but through small acts...[ read more ]

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