How Depression and Anxiety Have Increased Due to The Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. Kids and teens have missed out on experiences. Adults have had to adjust to working from home. And many people have experienced medical complications or the loss of a loved one due to Covid-19. For all these reasons, the pandemic has had a profound effect on people's mental health. People who were...[ read more ]

Marriage Counseling From the Perspective Of A Black Male Therapist: Bridging Cultural Differences in Counseling

When it comes to marriage counseling, it's important to have a therapist that understands the cultural dynamics at play. As a black male therapist in Decatur, GA, I bring a unique perspective to the table. I understand that there are often cultural factors that can impact relationships. For example, discrimination or social divides can create tension in a marriage. In...[ read more ]

Am I Looking to Fix My Partner in Marriage Counseling?

Many times when I am approached about marriage counseling, the caller often says that the problem is communication. When we delve into discussions further, they will often state things like my partner shuts me out. Or if they would stop yelling, then things would be better. Other responses I have heard include: they always leave and we never solve the...[ read more ]

Would Online Therapy in Georgia or In-Person Therapy Be Beneficial for Me

A close up of hands typing for Faith and Family Empowerment. We offer online therapy in Georgia and in-person therapy. Contact a black male therapist in Decatur, GA to learn about online support groups in Atlanta, GA and more. 30030

One of the biggest challenges, when clients search for a therapist, is deciding the best fit. Many factors are involved in this including location, availability, and cost. A newer development that has occurred since the pandemic is the opportunity for remote therapy. With online therapy in Georgia, a client can see their therapist without meeting in an office. But, there...[ read more ]

How to Support a Partner with an Anxiety Disorder: 4 Tips From an Anxiety Therapist in Decatur, GA

A close up of a therapist with a clipboard as they sit across from a couple. This could represent the support anxiety treatment in Decatur, GA can offer. Learn more about anxiety therapy in Atlanta, GA by contacting an anxiety therapist in Atlanta, GA. 30030

If you struggle with anxiety, you know how difficult it can be to live with. It can cause discomfort in social situations, at your job, and in your relationships. Anxiety isn't only difficult for those experiencing it though. It can be tough for their partners too. You may have a partner who suffers from anxiety. If so, you've likely experienced...[ read more ]

How Curiosity Can Improve Your Relationship

Many couples come to relationship therapy due to issues like communication, unequal responsibilities, parenting, in-law issues, and many others. Usually, when couples come, I often hear this statement,” if my spouse stops doing ___________, then everything will be alright”. We are here because he or she keeps doing _________. Here is another statement. “I already know what he/she is going...[ read more ]

Navigating Different Levels of Faith in Relationships

One of the issues I often come across in couples therapy or in working with marriage intensives is the issue of faith. In some cases, there has been a conversion or change in faith of one person in the couple. They desire a stronger faith connection but their spouse is not in agreement. In other cases, couples marry that have...[ read more ]

How Christian Marriage Counseling and Marriage Counseling Differ

Working with a marriage counselor can be quite daunting. First off, acknowledging your relationship needs support is a huge step in itself. Then, seeking a marriage counselor is another task, too. Finding marriage counseling in Decatur, GA that gets you, your partner, and your relationship can take time.   But, there are some steps you can take to narrow down your...[ read more ]

Connecting with Your Spouse

  As an Atlanta marriage counselor, I've used my marriage counseling experience to help couples all over the metro area rekindle their love and strengthen their marriage. As couples experience busy holiday schedules, they begin to experience some disconnect. It’s normal. In fact, it happens to many couples when they’re overwhelmed, stressed, and tired. But, if this disconnect is left...[ read more ]

Why Can’t We Talk to One Another?

Does this situation sound familiar? You are trying to decide who will pick up the children from school. One of you tries to make a point. The other one gets frustrated and the next thing you know, both of you are yelling at one another. Or worse still, you get a cold silence that might last for hours or days....[ read more ]

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