Why Can’t We Talk to One Another?

Does this situation sound familiar? You are trying to decide who will pick up the children from school. One of you tries to make a point. The other one gets frustrated and the next thing you know, both of you are yelling at one another. Or worse still, you get a cold silence that might last for hours or days....[ read more ]

Spiritual Intimacy and Marriage

One of the things that I believe is important to a marriage is the ability to pray together. Especially if two spiritual people are joined together, his should be an important part of that connection. There are three things that I find happen when couples pray together. 1. You will become closer with your partner and your spiritual intimacy will...[ read more ]

Why Is It Important for Men to Access Their Emotions?

As A Marriage Therapist I often work with couples on finding and understanding their reactive or emotional cycle. This cycle is often the issue when it comes to perpetual arguments. One of the challenges faced in finding the cycle is dealing with husbands who often dismiss or ignore their emotions. As A Man I understand how we often feel that...[ read more ]

When You and Your Spouse Have Two Different Views About Vaccination

As many of us know, we are still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. The COVIID 19 virus has killed over 3 million people worldwide and over 500,000 within the United States. The good news is that now people are being vaccinated to protect themselves against COVID. However, one challenge is that there can be disagreements within the same...[ read more ]

The Importance of Personal Awareness In our Relationships

A woman appears to be at peace. This demonstrates concepts discussed in counseling in Atlanta, GA.

Many times, when I am counseling people, I often hear the statements like the following. “He makes me so mad.” “If she would just stop talking so much, I could have peace.” “He makes me yell because he never says anything. He acts like I’m not there.” This is something I've heard a time or two in counseling. The statements...[ read more ]

Gaining Personal Awareness

Gaining Personal Awareness When attending therapy sessions, one of the first and most important skills you will learn is personal awareness. Personal awareness is the ability to understand who you are, including your values, thoughts, emotions feelings, and spirituality. It is the ability to understand how you react and live in the world. Personal awareness is vital in individual counseling...[ read more ]

Anxiety Blog | When the Voice Keeps Spinning In My Head

When the Voice Keeps Spinning In My Head One of the biggest challenges of anxiety is dealing with the voice that keeps spinning in our heads. It is the fear that something- perceived or real – is going to happen to us that we will be unable to handle. That fear can paralyze us and keep us from moving forward...[ read more ]

Challenges of Communication After an Affair

One of the biggest challenges in a relationship occurs after the discovery of the affair. The reason that it is so challenging is that the betrayed partner and the involved partner are in two different places concerning the affair. The betrayed partner is usually in a state of grief. That can include shock, denial, and anger concerning the involved partner....[ read more ]

LEARN Format to Enhance Relationships

As a black male therapist and a pastor, I have been greatly disturbed by the events in our country. Not only are we suffering from a COVID pandemic that has affected us physically, economically, mentally, and emotionally, but the scars of racial division have reared their ugly heads again. Protests after the death of George Floyd are occurring all around...[ read more ]

Dealing With Grief During a Pandemic

During this crazy season in our lives, there will be times when many of us feel an unexplainable sadness. There will be times that we do not feel like doing anything and will shut away. Some of us will have difficulty sleeping. We will experience some times where we have unexplainable anger. And we will wonder what is going on?...[ read more ]

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