Rekindling the Flame: Black Marriage Counseling for Empty Nesters

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You have spent your life and time raising children, working extra hours, and caring for aging parents. Neglecting your marriage in the process. Now that your kids are finally leaving for college or living their own lives, you may have reached an inflection point. Where you stop to ask yourself: Who am I? Who are we? When couples become empty...[ read more ]

How Marriage Counseling and Intensives Can Help You Flourish Together

Shows a couple eating. Represents how marriage counseling in atlanta, ga and the intensives can benefit couples by working through issues that are plaguing the relationship.

Usually, when people or couples think of marriage counseling as the type of therapy you turn to when your relationship is in a state of crisis. While this is certainly one way to utilize marriage counseling, it doesn’t always have to be a last resort. It can be a great tool to help couples flourish together and create more lasting,...[ read more ]

Imposter Syndrome and Relationships: Navigating Interpersonal Dynamics with Confidence

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In our journey through life, we often grapple with a pervasive feeling of inadequacy known as imposter syndrome. This self-doubt can extend its reach into our relationships, causing us to question our worth and authenticity. In this article, we explore the impact of imposter syndrome on our connections with others and provide practical strategies to navigate interpersonal dynamics with confidence...[ read more ]

A Couples Therapist in Georgia’s Favorite Holiday Movies

Shows a couple cuddled up watching a Christmas movie. Represents how a couples therapist in atlanta, ga can help you and your partner overcome your issues.

It's the time of the year when you start planning your holiday parties. You and your partner may also make plans to watch your favorite holiday movies. The ones that you look forward to watching every year. These can be the same movies that you have watched since childhood or something new and modern. As a couples therapist in Atlanta,...[ read more ]

A Couples Therapist’s Thoughts on Navigating “Shutting Down” in Your Relationship

Shows a woman comforting her partner. Represents how a couples therapist in atlanta, ga can help navigate shut down in your relationship.

You and your partner are trying to decide on important decisions and navigate through difficult situations. But you feel overwhelmed by the conflict you're being presented with. To you, it seems like you can't get through to each other. You find yourself "shut down". This can be due to feeling unheard, fearful of isolation or separation, or feeling like you...[ read more ]

Navigating Different Levels of Faith in Relationships

One of the issues I often come across in couples therapy or in working with marriage intensives is the issue of faith. In some cases, there has been a conversion or change in faith of one person in the couple. They desire a stronger faith connection but their spouse is not in agreement. In other cases, couples marry that have...[ read more ]

Spiritual Intimacy and Marriage

One of the things that I believe is important to a marriage is the ability to pray together. Especially if two spiritual people are joined together, his should be an important part of that connection. There are three things that I find happen when couples pray together. 1. You will become closer with your partner and your spiritual intimacy will...[ read more ]

When You and Your Spouse Have Two Different Views About Vaccination

As many of us know, we are still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. The COVIID 19 virus has killed over 3 million people worldwide and over 500,000 within the United States. The good news is that now people are being vaccinated to protect themselves against COVID. However, one challenge is that there can be disagreements within the same...[ read more ]

What To Do When Your Partner Refuses Therapy

Two wedding bands sit on top of each other on the ground in the rain. The couple the rings belong to regret not starting marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.

As a couples counselor, there are times that I find that one member of the couple has reluctantly agreed to come to therapy. That person often feels nothing is wrong while the other partner is desperate for change. They're willing to come. Perhaps they're afraid the relationship or marriage won't last if they don't. But they took a lot of...[ read more ]

Why Does My Spouse Not Listen To Me

A couple sits very close to each other smiling. A graphic reads, " Tips To Improve Communication With Your Spouse." These tips come from marriage counselor in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.

Have you ever had a dispute or argument with your spouse? You are trying to deal with an issue that repeatedly occurs and you are frustrated. You keep talking and talking and it seems that no one is home. You start yelling but no one seems to be there. It’s almost like your spouse is no longer listening to you....[ read more ]

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