Am I Doing Too Much?

Have you ever felt like there were not enough hours in the day? You may go from one activity to another with anxiety. You go to work, then children’s activities, then home for dinner, assist with homework, and so forth. Then at some late hour, you finally get to sleep to start the process again in a few hours. You...[ read more ]

Help. I’ve Had An Affair. Can I EARN my partner’s forgiveness?

In my counseling business, many couples seek an online therapist because one party has had an affair. That person has stepped outside the boundaries and committed emotional or sexual adultery. They have become intimate on a physical or emotional level with someone outside of their marriage. Often, the offender, i.e., the one who has stepped outside of the relationship, has...[ read more ]

How Depression and Anxiety Have Increased Due to The Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. Kids and teens have missed out on experiences. Adults have had to adjust to working from home. And many people have experienced medical complications or the loss of a loved one due to Covid-19. For all these reasons, the pandemic has had a profound effect on people's mental health. People who were...[ read more ]

Would Online Therapy in Georgia or In-Person Therapy Be Beneficial for Me

A close up of hands typing for Faith and Family Empowerment. We offer online therapy in Georgia and in-person therapy. Contact a black male therapist in Decatur, GA to learn about online support groups in Atlanta, GA and more. 30030

One of the biggest challenges, when clients search for a therapist, is deciding the best fit. Many factors are involved in this including location, availability, and cost. A newer development that has occurred since the pandemic is the opportunity for remote therapy. With online therapy in Georgia, a client can see their therapist without meeting in an office. But, there...[ read more ]

Why Is It Important for Men to Access Their Emotions?

As A Marriage Therapist I often work with couples on finding and understanding their reactive or emotional cycle. This cycle is often the issue when it comes to perpetual arguments. One of the challenges faced in finding the cycle is dealing with husbands who often dismiss or ignore their emotions. As A Man I understand how we often feel that...[ read more ]

The Importance of Personal Awareness In our Relationships

A woman appears to be at peace. This demonstrates concepts discussed in counseling in Atlanta, GA.

Many times, when I am counseling people, I often hear the statements like the following. “He makes me so mad.” “If she would just stop talking so much, I could have peace.” “He makes me yell because he never says anything. He acts like I’m not there.” This is something I've heard a time or two in counseling. The statements...[ read more ]

Gaining Personal Awareness

Gaining Personal Awareness When attending therapy sessions, one of the first and most important skills you will learn is personal awareness. Personal awareness is the ability to understand who you are, including your values, thoughts, emotions feelings, and spirituality. It is the ability to understand how you react and live in the world. Personal awareness is vital in individual counseling...[ read more ]

Anxiety Blog | When the Voice Keeps Spinning In My Head

When the Voice Keeps Spinning In My Head One of the biggest challenges of anxiety is dealing with the voice that keeps spinning in our heads. It is the fear that something- perceived or real – is going to happen to us that we will be unable to handle. That fear can paralyze us and keep us from moving forward...[ read more ]

Challenges of Communication After an Affair

One of the biggest challenges in a relationship occurs after the discovery of the affair. The reason that it is so challenging is that the betrayed partner and the involved partner are in two different places concerning the affair. The betrayed partner is usually in a state of grief. That can include shock, denial, and anger concerning the involved partner....[ read more ]

LEARN Format to Enhance Relationships

As a black male therapist and a pastor, I have been very disturbed by the events in our country. We are suffering from a COVID pandemic. It has affected us on a physical, economic, mental, and emotional level. The scars of racial division have also reared their ugly heads again. Protests after the death of George Floyd are occurring all...[ read more ]

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