Challenges of Communication After an Affair

One of the biggest challenges in a relationship occurs after the discovery of the affair. The reason that it is so challenging is that the betrayed partner and the involved partner are in two different places concerning the affair. The betrayed partner is usually in a state of grief. That can include shock, denial, and anger concerning the involved partner. If the involved partner still cares for the betrayed partner, they are in a state of shame and guilt. They are also feeling grief due to the loss of the relationship with the affair partner.

What is the next step to take after infidelity?

A frustrated couple sits next to each other one the couch. They have decided to pursue affair recovery in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment. A male therapist in Atlanta, GA can help couples like you with marriage counseling in Norcross, GA and online therapy in Georgia.

One of the best ways to begin to bridge the gulf and rebuild trust is with the affair story. The affair story is necessary because the betrayed partner needs to get a picture of how and why the infidelity happened. The betrayed partner will have tons of questions and it is the responsibility of the involved partner to answer these questions.

How Affair Recovery in Atlanta, GA Works

The challenge for the involved partner is that they often want to move onward. Sometimes they want to move onward in order to spare their partner the pain of the details. Sometimes they want to move onward because of shame and guilt. And sometimes, they want to move onward in order not to face the consequences of their decision.

Role of the betrayed partner

The best way to tell the affair story is in an environment of safety. In order to create an environment of safety, the following must occur. For the betrayed partner you must control destructive outbursts. Although you may hear painful stories, destructive outbursts only teach your partner that it is not safe to share. The betrayed partner must also avoid the temptation to diagnose their partner with some illness.

Role of the affair partner

A young man sits on a therapist's couch looking distraught. He is struggling with boundaries in relationships, knowing his values, and being authentic. He has decided to start affair recovery with Faith and Family Empowerment in Atlanta, GA. A male therapist in Atlanta, GA can help couples like you with marriage counseling in Norcross, GA and online therapy in Georgia.

The affair partner must resist the temptation of avoidance. By avoiding the story and not answering questions, you are limiting the opportunity to rebuild trust. You are also showing a limited commitment to healing the relationship. Denial of the facts should also be avoided as this also destroys trust. Understand that you and your partner may have different viewpoints on what events meant but don’t deny facts. Finally, don’t engage in discounting. It indicates a lack of ownership in your part of the affair.

Safety, safety, safety

Creating a safe environment for discussion is important in rebuilding trust after infidelity. If an environment cannot be created at home, then I recommend a mental health therapist or a marriage counselor to help navigate you through the difficult waters of affair recovery.

Begin Affair Recovery in Atlanta, GA

Affair recovery with Faith and Family Empowerment can help you to rebuild trust and understanding in your relationship. Through infidelity recovery, a marriage counselor can help you to navigate the next steps for you. When you’re ready to begin affair recovery, follow these steps:

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  2. Get to know your new therapist, William Hemphill.
  3. Begin to heal from the affair that is wrecking your relationship.

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