Help. I’ve Had An Affair. Can I EARN my partner’s forgiveness?

In my counseling business, many couples seek an online therapist because one party has had an affair.

That person has stepped outside the boundaries and committed emotional or sexual adultery. They have become intimate on a physical or emotional level with someone outside of their marriage.

A close up of a woman holding her wedding ring in her hand. This could represent the concerns of infidelity that affair recovery in Atlanta, GA can address. Learn more about affair recovery in Decatur, GA and other services by contacting an online therapist in Atlanta, GA today. Often, the offender, i.e., the one who has stepped outside of the relationship, has remorse or sorrow for their actions. And, the hurt they have caused their partner. They wonder how they may repair the damage that they brought to the relationship and learn to communicate with their partner. once again. In many cases, they often ask their spouses how to EARN back their love and trust.

I would say that trying to earn your spouse’s trust is the wrong way to go in bringing healing to the relationship.

When we have two wounded people, which occurs in affairs, it is difficult for either party to see clearly. Thus the offended party, the spouse who has been cheated on, may not be able to see clearly due to their wounding. Without doing their own work, they may ask for never-ending demands for the offender to prove or EARN their trust.

The better way to go about the healing process is for the offender and the offended party to work on their integrity and healing. This may involve reaching out for affair recovery in Atlanta, GA. In the case of the offender, they should begin a process to understand what pain or triggers have drawn them to a situation where they would go outside of the marriage for fulfillment. After identifying the pain, they begin to find constructive ways to deal with their internal pain. By doing so, they will not be tempted to step outside the marriage. And even when temptation comes, that should be a time when the person examines themselves. By doing so, they can better understand what may be missing in their life.

Learning how to deal with our internal wounds in a constructive way is essential to gaining integrity.

A couple talk with one another while sitting on a couch. This could represent the struggles of overcoming infidelity that affair recovery in Atlanta, GA can address. Contact an online therapist in Atlanta, GA to learn more about realtionship therapy in Atlanta, GA and other services.Whenever we are missing something in our relationship, dealing with affair recovery in a constructive way is vital. When we gain personal awareness of our triggers and wounds and begin caring for our hearts in a constructive way, we start to walk with integrity.

Walking in integrity is something that we can control as people. Unfortunately, as human beings, we will make mistakes. We can take actions to learn from those mistakes. We also control how we respond and walk with integrity through the healing process. I have seen marriages throughout the course of affair recovery. The one thing that those marriages have in common is that both spouses examined themselves, did the work to heal themselves, and learned how to walk with integrity. Once they walked with integrity, they were able to reconnect with their spouse and create a better marriage together.

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A close up of a couple holding hands while sitting across from a person with a clipboard. Learn more about relationship therapy in Atlanta, GA by contacting an online therapist in Atlanta, GA. We offer affair recovery in Atlanta, GA and other services.Your relationship doesn’t have to end after an affair. You can find what is missing from your relationship and gain personal awareness to improve your relationship. I would be honored to offer support from our Decatur, GA-based therapy practice. You can start your therapy journey by following these simple steps:

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