How Christian Marriage Counseling and Marriage Counseling Differ

Working with a marriage counselor can be quite daunting.

A couple hold hands as a therpaist writes on a clipbaord. This could represent christan marriage counseling in Decatur, GA. Learn more about Christian marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA by contacting a christian counselor in Decatur, GA today! 30030First off, acknowledging your relationship needs support is a huge step in itself. Then, seeking a marriage counselor is another task, too. Finding marriage counseling in Decatur, GA that gets you, your partner, and your relationship can take time.
But, there are some steps you can take to narrow down your search for the perfect marriage counselor. You may have a preference for your therapist’s gender. How much time are you willing to spend commuting to and from marriage counseling sessions? Is it important that your faith be incorporated into discussions and exercises?
For many couples, bringing the Christian faith into sessions is essential. But for some, it’s not a priority at all. At my therapy practice in the Atlanta, GA area, I understand that each individual and couple is unique. So, I offer marriage counseling as well as Christian marriage counseling. I offer support to help you meet your relationship’s unique goals.

Why do People go to Marriage Counseling?

Couples and spouses (Christian and not) start marriage counseling for many reasons. These could be communication issues, infidelity or affairs, and trouble resolving conflict. Or, challenges to agree in general. Often, these issues stem from deeper-rooted issues with one or both partners. One partner may be under an immense amount of stress. This could be causing breakdowns in communication. Likewise, the whole family unit may be going through hard circumstances or trauma. If so, spouses may stop communicating, argue, and even blame each other for the issues.
A couple sit together on a rock overlooking the city below as the sun sets. This may symbolize the connections fostered with Christian marriage counseling in Decatur, GA. Contact a Christian counselor in Decatur, GA to learn more about Christian marriage counseling in Norcross, GA and other services. 30030The issues marriages have are only as unique as the individuals that are in them. But, I have helped many, many couples throughout the years. And I’ve seen many come out on the other side of hardship, thanks to marriage counseling.

What’s Different About Christian Marriage Counseling in Decatur, GA?

In Christian marriage counseling, we incorporate faith components into discussions and exercises. These faith components can help you and your partner regulate your emotions better. This phrase, “regulate your emotions” only means one’s ability to manage their emotions.
For instance, let’s say you’re arguing with your partner and feeling angry. Instead of staying in the moment and escalating, you can practice emotional regulation. Try walking away, taking deep breaths, and examining your emotions. Practices like this one are often used in Christian marriage counseling. This also includes prayer, scripture readings, and meditations. At the core, each of these practices helps you slow down, think, and reconnect with yourself and God. Working on this connection and marital relationship can make a huge difference in your emotional regulation.
Incorporating these pieces, with an emphasis on your connection to God, can improve your marriage. Plus, it can improve your individual spiritual experiences. Practicing these together can also increase feelings of safety and security with your partner. So with time and practice, you’ll be able to discuss those harder topics that test your relationship.

Consider Starting Christian Marriage Counseling in Decatur, GA

A close up of a couple holding a bible together with a hand each. This could represent how their bond is supported by faith. Contact a marriage counselor in Norcross, GA to learn more about Christian marriage counseling in Decatur, GA. A trained Christian counselor in Decatur, GA from our team can support you today! 30030Struggling in your relationship can bring so much stress and confusion. But you know that it can be better than this. You know that God wanted more for your marriage. And you’ve been praying on it. But sometimes, we need tangible tools to turn to when we’re struggling. We’ll equip you with the tools you need here at my therapy practice in the Atlanta, GA area. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
2. Get to know your caring therapist
3. Start improving your relationship!

Other Services Offered at Faith and Family Empowerment

Christian marriage counseling isn’t the only service offered at my Decatur, GA-based counseling practice. I also offer online therapy in Georgia. Mental health services include Christian counseling, depression support groupsanxiety support groups, and marriage counseling. I also offer premarital counseling, discernment counseling, and counseling for affair recovery. Learn more by visiting my about, blog, or FAQ pages today!


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