How Curiosity Can Improve Your Relationship

A silhouetted couple appear to argue. A therapist in Decatur, GA can offer support with relationship therapy in Atlanta, GA and other services including relationship therapy for singles in Atlanta, GA. 30030 Many couples come to relationship therapy due to issues like communication, unequal responsibilities, parenting, in-law issues, and many others.

Usually, when couples come, I often hear this statement,” if my spouse stops doing ___________, then everything will be alright”.
We are here because he or she keeps doing _________.

Here is another statement. “I already know what he/she is going to do or say. Why should I respond? It’s not worth it.” I would submit to you that those responses come out of the judgment of our spouse. It’s natural to have some judgment, and that posture of judgment often grows stronger with familiarity and offense.

A Posture of Judgment will Often Hijack Therapy

Why? Because it places the responsibility and power of repairing a relationship on your spouse only. It can be a way of avoiding personal responsibility and potential growth. A huge part of relationship therapy comes when we look at ourselves, our emotional triggers, our background, and our ways of behavior. We examine ourselves to learn how we respond in relationships.

Another huge part of successful relationship therapy comes when we approach to therapy with a posture of curiosity instead of judgment toward our spouse. Just like we have family history, emotional triggers, and reactions, so does our spouse. And many times both of us are reacting unaware of our emotional triggers when we enter the conflict.

A couple appear upset as they sit and address their issues. A therapist in Decatur, GA can offer support with relationship therapy in Atlanta, GA. Contact us to learn more about relationship therapy for singles in Atlanta, GA and other services. 30030How Relationship Therapy Can Offer Support

In relationship therapy, we explore you and your spouse’s personal and marital history, along with the emotional triggers that can cause couples to enter their reactive cycle. Approaching therapy with curiosity about our spouse allows us to learn more about them, gain grace and understanding for them, and allows us to work as teammates to reduce our reactions together.

My encouragement for you is whenever an argument happens in your relationship take a timeout. During that timeout reflect on what was happening in you, not just your reactions but the emotions you were feeling. If you can get to that place, also understand that some of the same emotional content was probably occurring in your spouse.

Begin Relationship Therapy in Atlanta, GA

You deserve support in learning more about your partner and overcoming judgment. Our team is happy to offer help from our Decatur, GA-based therapy practice. We are happy to offer support for a variety of mental health and relationship concerns with both in-person and online therapy. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

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  2. Get to know a caring therapist.
  3. Begin improving your relationship!

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