How Depression and Anxiety Have Increased Due to The Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone.

A nurse offers support to a doctor sitting against a wall with a mask on. Depression counseling in Atlanta, GA can offer support with pandemic related anxiety. Learn more about anxiety treatment in Decatur, GA or depression treatment in Norcross, GA.Kids and teens have missed out on experiences. Adults have had to adjust to working from home. And many people have experienced medical complications or the loss of a loved one due to Covid-19. For all these reasons, the pandemic has had a profound effect on people’s mental health. People who were already struggling with anxiety or depression have found their symptoms getting worse. And people who used to cope well may be struggling for the first time. In this blog post, we’re exploring how the pandemic has increased depression and anxiety symptoms. Plus, some of the ways that therapy can help.

Anxiety and Depression are Related

We will get into the ways that the pandemic has increased symptoms of depression and anxiety. But, we first need to talk about the ways that they are related.
Anxiety and depression are two different mental health challenges. Yet, they often occur together. There are a few reasons why anxiety and depression might be related. One reason is that they share some common risk factors. For example, people who have experienced trauma or abuse are at risk for both anxiety and depression.
Think about it. If you experience social anxiety you might find yourself avoiding social situations or isolating yourself. You may start to think that you’re “unlovable”, or that nobody wants to be around you. These negative thoughts can lead to depression. And depression can make anxiety worse. When you’re feeling down it’s harder to muster up the energy to do things, even things you enjoy. So you may start avoiding friends and activities even more. It becomes a vicious cycle.

The Pandemic has Increased Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Now that we understand the relationship between anxiety and depression, let’s talk about how the pandemic has increased the symptoms of both disorders.


A woman adjusts the mask on her face. Contact a depression counselor in Atlanta, GA to learn more about the benefits of anxiety treatment in Decatur, GA and other services. We offer depression treatment in Norcross, GA and more.There are a few ways that the pandemic has affected mental health. One of the ways is isolation. Think about the example we laid out.
Most people aren’t isolated to the extent that they did when the pandemic first began. Many have found it harder to socialize after getting used to spending time by themselves. You may find it more difficult to socialize without your “social battery” running low. Or, you may have trouble making friends after being out of school or work for a long period. Isolation can lead to depression and anxiety, and make symptoms worse. The pandemic has made it easier to slip into isolation.

Unique stressors

The pandemic has also created some unique stressors. Many of these can trigger anxiety or depression. For example, people who have lost their jobs or feel worried about losing their jobs may struggle with more anxiety as a result. And, those who have had trouble finding stable work may be struggling with depression. They may feel unproductive or “stuck”.

Barriers to coping skills

Another reason that the pandemic has increased depression and anxiety symptoms is that it’s created barriers to coping skills that helped before. For example, activities that people used to engage in to relieve anxiety or depression may be harder to access. Going to the gym, concerts, traveling, or even going out to eat with friends may not be as easy or may feel risky. As a result, people may find that their usual coping mechanisms are no longer as effective.

Know That Help is Out There

The pandemic has indeed increased mental health challenges for many people. But, you don’t have to continue living under the weight of depression or anxiety. Working with a therapist can help.
A close up of a person holding a mask in the evening sunlight. Depression counseling in Atlanta, GA can offer support in overcoming pandemic anxiety. Learn more about anxiety treatment in Decatur, GA and other services by searching depression treatment in Norcross, GA.In therapy, you can learn about the relationship between anxiety and depression. Plus, how to manage both. You can also explore the unique stressors that you’re experiencing as a result of the pandemic. A therapist can help you develop coping skills for those specific challenges.
Therapy is a very effective treatment for anxiety and depression. It can help you regain stability and peace in your life.

Begin Depression Counseling and Anxiety Treatment in Decatur, GA

If you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, I encourage you to reach out for help. I specialize in anxiety and depression. I’ve helped countless clients navigate their mental health challenges through the pandemic. As a therapist, I understand the challenges that you’re facing and I can help you develop a plan to address them.
I also offer both in-person and online counseling, so we can meet in a way that feels safe for you. Through online therapy, I can also work with anyone living in the state of Georgia, not only Decatur. If you’re ready to begin therapy with Faith and Family Empowerment, you can follow these steps to get started:
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Other Services Offered at Faith and Family Empowerment

Therapy for depression and anxiety isn’t the only service I offer at my Decatur, GA-based therapy practice. I’m happy to offer a variety of mental health services. These include Christian counseling, depression support groups, and anxiety support groups. Other mental health services include premarital counseling, discernment counseling, and counseling for affair recovery. Learn more by visiting my about, blog, or FAQ pages today!

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