How Marriage Counseling and Intensives Can Help You Flourish Together

Shows a couple eating. Represents how marriage counseling in atlanta, ga and the intensives can benefit couples by working through issues that are plaguing the relationship.

Usually, when people or couples think of marriage counseling as the type of therapy you turn to when your relationship is in a state of crisis. While this is certainly one way to utilize marriage counseling, it doesn’t always have to be a last resort. It can be a great tool to help couples flourish together and create more lasting, meaningful relationships.

Marriage counseling and intensives can actually help you work on issues that your relationship is facing. These forms of therapy can be an opportunity to rekindle your relationship with your spouse. They can also help you and your spouse get on the same page.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the different ways marriage counseling and intensives can help you flourish together.

The Differences Between Marriage Counseling and IntensivesShows a couple talking over breakfast. Represents how marriage counseling in atlanta, ga can help couples become better communicators.

Marriage counseling is typically done in traditional weekly sessions. This can be helpful when you are covering smaller issues or even specific issues. However, it can be difficult to cover more extensive issues or to develop new habits within the allotted time frame. It can also be difficult for you and even your marriage counselor to stop a discussion, exercise, or activity and continue with it later on in the week.

More than likely, the momentum is gone. You and your spouse don’t remember the thoughts and emotions you were experiencing at that moment. In weekly sessions, there sometimes isn’t enough time to delve deeply into a topic.

IntensivesShows a couple arguing. Represents how working with a marriage counselor in atlanta, ga can support couples to work through issues they are going through.

Intensives, on the other hand, are designed to help you and your spouse make progress more quickly. They often do work better for couples in crisis as they are able to spend several hours a day, sometimes 4-8 hours a day, working with the therapist. This allows you to delve deeper into issues and make progress at a quicker rate than weekly sessions.

Intensives are a more intense form of marriage counseling. They work best when both partners are willing to make the time and financial commitment. They are not for everyone but can be a great opportunity to change habits quickly and gain traction on your issues. Instead of spending 6-8 weeks working on the same issue in weekly sessions, you can get to the root of it and complete the work in the intensive in 2-3 weeks.

How Will Marriage Counseling and Intensives Help You Flourish?

Shows a couple in marriage counseling in atlanta, ga. Represents how a couples therapist in atlanta, ga can use intensives to help couples better communicate and get to the root of the issues they are facing.

You may be thinking “How can this help me and my partner flourish together?” The answer is simple. Marriage counseling and intensives create an atmosphere that encourages open, honest communication. It’s a space and time that allows both partners to express their feelings while being guided by an experienced marriage counselor in Atlanta, GA.

The marriage counselor will help you and your partner work on your relationship. As a couple, you both will address the issues that are plaguing your relationship. It could be anything from communication issues to trust issues. They will support both of you by ensuring each partner is heard, and that both of you are working together to solve the issue. This is especially beneficial when couples are stuck in a cycle of destructive behavior that can lead to the eventual downfall of a relationship.

Additionally, Marriage Counseling and Intensives Allow Both Partners to Become Better Communicators.

Your counselor will work with you and your partner to incorporate exercises and activities that will help you communicate better. This can be anything from role-playing exercises to communication games. Regardless of the activity, your marriage counselor will work with both of you to help build strong communication skills.

Marriage counseling and intensives are to help you both create a deeper bond, a healthier relationship, and communicate better. They are both an opportunity to delve deeper into issues and make progress quicker than traditional weekly sessions. With commitment, hard work, and patience, they could be the key to helping you both flourish together.

Begin Flourishing Together in Marriage Counseling in Atlanta and Decatur, GA

You and your spouse can reconnect, grow closer, and can flourish together. The support you receive with marriage counseling in Atlanta and Decatur, GA can be the key. The one to help you both become better communicators, work through issues quickly, and create a healthier relationship. At Faith and Family Empowerment, we are able to provide you with quality services through online therapy in Atlanta or Decatur, GA, or in person at our Decatur counseling practice. When you’re ready to begin counseling these steps:

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