Marriage Counseling From the Perspective Of A Black Male Therapist: Bridging Cultural Differences in Counseling

When it comes to marriage counseling, it’s important to have a therapist that understands the cultural dynamics at play. As a black male therapist in Decatur, GA, I bring a unique perspective to the table. I understand that there are often cultural factors that can impact relationships. For example, discrimination or social divides can create tension in a marriage. In marriage counseling, it’s important to bridge these cultural differences. By doing so, I can better understand people’s unique experiences.

Why Do Couples Come to Marriage Counseling?
A couple sit facing away from one another. Marriage counseling in Decatur, GA can offer support for you with the help of a black male therapist in Atlanta. Faith and Family Empowerment offers therapy in Atlanta, GA and other services including online therapy in Georgia

Before we dive into my perspective on marriage counseling, we need to discuss why a couple may start. They may have problems with communication, conflict, or have become disconnected. There are a thousand different reasons that a couple may be experiencing trouble in their relationship. But, a common thread is that it often (not always, but often) stems from a lack of understanding.
Working with a marriage counselor can help you and your partner gain a deeper understanding of each other. That might mean developing a clearer understanding of your mistakes, your needs in a relationship, or your hopes for the future. Together, you can gain a clear understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship. Then, you can begin to take the necessary steps to build a stronger relationship.
For this to happen, your therapist has to understand you as well.

The Importance of Bridging Cultural Differences

As a black male therapist, it’s important for me to understand the unique experiences that my clients have gone through. Often their experience is going to be dependent on cultural factors. This may include where they grew up, their faith, or experiences of discrimination. These can all have an impact on their lives and their relationships. It’s my responsibility as a black male therapist to bridge cultural differences. By doing so, I can reach a clearer understanding of my clients.A couple smile at one another as they drive towards the horizon. This could represent the support marriage counseling in Decatur, GA can offer. Learn more about therapy in Atlanta, GA by contacting a black male therapist. They can offer support from the comfort of home with online therapy in Georgia and more.

Many of my clients share some of the same cultural experiences as me.

If I’m working with a couple that is also black, I would have a cultural understanding that other therapists may not share with them. But, I can’t assume that we share all the same experiences because of our skin color. Everyone has their own unique story. There may be one less bridge to cross, but it’s still important to be aware of our differences. You may have a different upbringing than mine. Or, come from a different religious background. I keep all these things in mind when working with a client.
Yet, many of my clients have very different cultural experiences than mine. This could be their faith, where they grew up, or their ethnicity. I will never make assumptions about your experience, which is why it’s so important to learn more. In our sessions, I always make sure to ask questions about your culture, your faith, your childhood, and your experiences. I ask these questions to make sure I have a deeper understanding of your life.

How Does This Impact Marriage Counseling?

To have a joyful and fulfilling marriage, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of your partner. That includes understanding the cultural experiences that have shaped who they are as an individual. Your culture shapes your idea of what a healthy relationship looks like. It can impact your perception of affection, communication, or how you should act towards your in-laws.
You might be thinking, “If I’m married to someone, I already know who they are and where they come from.” You’re not wrong, you do know your partner. But, do you have a deeper understanding of your partner? You may have met their parents, visited their hometown, or gone to their church. But, you might still not understand the different ways their cultural experiences have shaped them. In specific, the ways that their culture has shaped who they are in a relationship.A close up of a couple holding hands against city lights. Marriage counseling in Decatur, GA can help improve strength of your bond. Learn more about online therapy in Georgia and therapy in Atlanta, GA by contacting a black male therapist today.
To build a strong marriage, you need to understand your partner on a deeper level. By working with a black male therapist that understands the importance of bridging cultural differences, you can begin to build a stronger foundation for your marriage.

Begin Marriage Counseling in Decatur, GA

If you’re considering marriage counseling, I encourage you to find a therapist that you feel comfortable with. It’s vital to find someone who you can trust and who understands the importance of culture in marriage counseling. I would be honored to provide support from my Decatur, GA-based therapy practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Get to know your caring therapist
  2. Start improving the strength of your relationship

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