Marriage Counseling

You’ve considered starting marriage counseling, but you aren’t sure if you need it.

Some things you’ve noticed in your relationship is:

  • Every discussion turns into an argument.
  • One or both of you feel alone and misunderstood.
  • You are no longer spending time with each other, except to take care of the business of the home.
  • You are no longer romantic partners and you don’t have any fun.
  • One or both of you is secretly contemplating divorce or may have had an affair.

Sometimes couples become disconnected.Image shows a couple sitting, facing away from each other while looking upset. This image could represent a couple regretting not beginning marriage counseling in Decatur, GA with a marriage counselor. 30030 | 30031

We are too busy taking care of children, parents, work, and community affairs. After feeling stressed, we come home to a house that can be at war. We no longer feel like we know each other as couples and we have lost the connection we had when we first began dating. These are a few signs that your relationship could benefit from marriage counseling.

Common Reasons Couples Begin Marriage Counseling

All couples experience troubles in their relationship. It’s fair to say that some times are better than others. However, there are some issues that could benefit from marriage counseling. With this in mind, here are some of the reasons that people start marriage counseling:
  • Premarital counseling or to strengthen their relationship
  • Communication challenges
  • Affairs or betrayals
  • Loss of trust in the relationship
  • Financial challenges
  • Issues with family and in-laws
  • Blended family challenges
  • Contemplation of divorce
To learn more about common reasons couples pursue marriage counseling, explore this article that provides explanations as to why these issues can be problematic.

Christian Marriage Counseling in Decatur, GA Can HelpImage shoes a couple dancing and smiling at each other. Image represents a couple pleased with the progress they have made in black marriage counseling in Decatur, GA with a marriage counselor. 30030 | 30031

We can help with your relationship. Couples therapy is a safe place where you can begin to air out your differences. During that time, I will invite you to listen to each other without judgment. I will also challenge both of you. I want you to see where each of you may have contributed to some of the difficulties in your relationship. Additionally, we will look at your relationship patterns. We’ll see how they enhance or sabotage your relationship. During marriage counseling, we will find out your unspoken expectations of marriage. Furthermore, we’ll see how they help and hinder your relationship.

The Faith and Family Empowerment Approach to Marriage Counseling

In couples therapy, we begin by having an initial session with both parties. Our goal is to get to know you and talk about the challenges in your relationship. Next, we schedule individual sessions with each partner. We do this to learn about your background, family history, and other aspects. The goal is to understand what’s influenced your views of a healthy relationship. Additionally, we have an assessment that you’ll both take. The assessment will inform us further about your relationship. Afterward, we review the strengths and challenges in your relationship. We’ll begin to focus on areas of need. This looks different in every relationship.

Some common problems we see in marriage counseling are:

  • Communication skills
  • Empathetic listening
  • Creating boundaries to keep your relationship safe
  • In the case of an affair, processing the stories in a safe place so that healing can beginA couple stands with their arms wrapped around each other smiling. They are much happier after pursuing black marriage counseling in Decatur, GA with a marriage counselor. 30030 | 30031

Begin Marriage Counseling in Decatur, GA

You don’t have to live in a disconnected marriage or a relationship without trust. Marriage counseling can help you overcome your communications issues. Additionally, marriage counseling can help rebuild your relationship connection. Our Decatur counseling clinic has therapists that care and want to help. When you’re ready to begin marriage counseling, follow these simple steps:
2. Get to know me, William, as your new marriage counselor.
3. Start reconnecting with your spouse.

Other Mental Health Services at Faith and Family Empowerment

Regardless of the time, you likely have a lot going on in your life. Some of which is good; other aspects, however, aren’t so good. Sometimes, we need a little help. Luckily, we can provide that at our Decatur counseling clinic location. Additionally, we offer our virtual services with online therapy. I offer individual counseling and Christian counseling. I often provide my clients with depression counseling, anxiety therapy, grief, and relationship counseling for one. My couples’ services also include premarital counseling, discernment counseling, and counseling for affair recovery. I also offer adoption counseling and group therapy. Whatever you’re experiencing, I’m here to help. Contact my counseling clinic today! 

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