Navigating Different Levels of Faith in Relationships

One of the issues I often come across in couples therapy or in working with marriage intensives is the issue of faith.

A therapist writes notes as a couple sits across from them. Couples therapy in Norcross, GA can offer support for couples across the state. Learn more about christian marriage counseling in Norcross, GA by contacting a marriage counselor in Norcross, GA today. 30030In some cases, there has been a conversion or change in faith of one person in the couple. They desire a stronger faith connection but their spouse is not in agreement. In other cases, couples marry that have two different faith traditions. In these cases, they may have not explored ways to integrate their faith. Or, there may be assumptions that one spouse has the same faith views as the other one. Thus, they have abandoned a key component of building a connection with one another. This is the spiritual connection.

Exploring Faith in Relationships

When I explore these dilemmas with couples, I approach this issue by working with the couple to explain and understand their faith story and journey. How did faith develop in their lives? What were the critical factors? Did one or both partners attend worship services growing up? What traditions or denominations were/are they involved with?

A couple hold hands while also holding a book. This could represent the bond christian marriage counseling in Norcross, GA can offer. Learn more about our services including black marriage counseling in Norcross, GA by contacting a black male therapist today. 30030I also ask questions about individual faith practice. This is a key component in determining the importance of faith in a person’s life. Some people attend worship services and pray alone. Some people create spontaneous prayers. Others may cite ritual prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer. For others, it may be important to pray or read scriptures at certain times of the day.

By understanding how we practice faith as individuals, it gives us a clue to the role of faith in our lives and its importance. As a couple, you might have some elements of your faith practices that are different. And, some that are common to each other. So, don’t feel afraid to ask those important questions. Understanding the commonality of our faith is a key to finding ways to integrate faith practices.

Together, we will assess:

  • Your own faith story
  • The history behind the story
  • What elements you would like to change
  • How you practice it individually
  • Understanding the commonalities between you and your spouse

Then, it’s time to look at how to integrate your faith story.

Ask yourself questions. In what ways can we pray together? What can we read together? Can we find a way to attend worship together at least on a semi-regular basis? What understandings about faith are important and what can we do in different ways? Is it important that the man leads every prayer or is it more important that we pray together?

A silhouetted couple practice yoga in front of the setting sun. Learn more about couples therapy in Norcross, GA by contacting a marriage counselor in Norcross, GA. Christian marriage counseling in Norcross, GA can offer support. 30030In other words, have discussions on ways that you can connect and build spiritual intimacy. Couples that have a strong spiritual connection have a much better chance of navigating the joys and challenges of marriage.

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