The Cost Comparison: Divorce vs Marriage Counseling

Shows a couple sitting on a couch unhappily. Symbolizes how marriage counseling in decatur, ga will help you and your spouse work on your marital issues.

When marriages have hit a rough patch, many people tend to look at divorce as an option instead of trying to repair and salvage the relationship through marital counseling. It may feel easier to walk away than actively try to resolve issues. However, the cost comparison between divorce and marital counseling should be considered. Not only the financial cost but the emotional cost a divorce can bring into a family should be taken into account. Whereas marriage counseling can be expensive but has less of an overall cost for the family in comparison. So, what is the actual cost comparison between divorce and marriage counseling?

The Costs Pile UpShows a woman buying something on her phone with her credit card. Symbolizes how a couples therapist in atlanta, ga will help you and your spouse decide if divorce is right for you so you both can stop doubling your costs.

When you are separated and going through a divorce or separation, the cost piles up. It costs more than being married and having what you need in one household. You have to pay for double the rent or mortgage, food costs, utilities, and everything else that comes with having two separate homes. These costs pile up over time, and they can be expensive and stressful.

On the other hand, marriage counseling is often a one-time fee. One that is much less than the cost and process of a divorce. This fee is usually the same no matter how long the counseling sessions last since it is often a one-time occurrence. Moreover, marriage counseling benefits you both as a couple because you either heal and repair your marriage or divorce. You will not have to go through the separation transition and spend all the money on double everything.

Divorce Costs More than Marriage Counseling

In the United States, the median for divorce is $7,000 but the overall average is $15,000-$20,000. This does depend on some factors such as a contest or uncontested divorce, what type of lawyer is hired, and the length of time it takes to go through court proceedings. You have to factor in the court fees, lawyer fees, and other related costs. Then you have to think of the emotional costs that this will cause your family. From tearing family relationships apart and trying to restructure that to the personal cost of feeling guilt and shame, divorce has a huge emotional price tag.

It Also Comes With a Personal CostShows a happy couple working with a black marriage counselor in atlanta, ga. Represents how marriage counseling in decatur, ga can help you repair and heal your marriage.

It can open old scars that wound you along with possibly bringing up trauma from the past. A lot of times people don’t want to go through a divorce because they saw their parents go through it and don’t want to feel the same. Your children are then having to deal with their parents divorcing and the emotions that come along with it.

Whereas, marriage counseling, on the other hand, can range between $75-$500 an hour per session, for marriage counseling. It also gives you emotional benefits as well. It gives you the opportunity to work through and resolve your issues. One without the worry of divorce, separation, and all of the other costs associated with it. You and your spouse will be able to work through your issues and hopefully be able to come out of it healing as a couple.

Even if not, you will be able to work through the divorce process more calmly and be able to work through it in a healthy way. It also gives you the tools and strategies for how to handle yourself in divorce proceedings if that is the route you choose. Which will help keep your family in a happier and healthier place.

The Personal StruggleShows a couple talking with a couples therapist in atlanta, ga. Symbolizes how marriage counseling in decatur, ga will help you in this relationship or future ones by helping you find healthier ways to communicate.

When going through a divorce, you may struggle with guilt and shame about the situation. You might be thinking “If I had done something differently…”.  Then thinking that your marriage wouldn’t have been in a situation where divorce was the only option. You may also feel this way due to being a part of a certain community. One where divorce is frowned upon so you feel like you have let them down.

For example, if you’re religious there is a shame about divorce. Divorce can be a positive situation due to the marriage not being right for either of you. You should never feel guilty or ashamed about it, and that is something that marriage counseling can help you with. Here is one way to think about marriage counseling before opting for divorce. That if you don’t give it a chance, your next relationship won’t be better. If you don’t learn how to be in a healthy relationship, you’ll run into the same problems. Marriage counseling can help you gain the tools and skills to be in a successful relationship with yourself or another person. Or, with your current spouse.

At the end of the day, it is up to you and your spouse whether or not marriage counseling will help or hurt. However, the costs are much lower than going through the divorce and all of the emotional costs associated with it. Marriage counseling can be a positive investment. Not only for your marriage but it can also benefit you and your family emotionally when dealing with the divorce afterward. If you decide to go through with it, you will be able to come out of the situation stronger and more prepared for whatever comes next in your life.

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