What To Do When You Can’t See Your Loved Ones

One of the biggest issues that is showing up in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is isolation. Or, the inability to see loved ones. Due to social distancing for health protections, people are unable to visit their loved ones in nursing homes and hospitals. Eventually, these restrictions might expand to assisted livings. Not to mention that people exposed to the virus are to stay quarantined in their homes.

A woman sits on the edge of her bed looking distraught. She is considering beginning anxiety therapy in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.

Isolation leads to grief

All of this creates a sense of loneliness and grief in people. The grief that they are not able to touch, hear, see, and enjoy the presence of their loved ones. It is during these times when we realize that we take community and human contact for granted.

How do we get through this grief in Atlanta, GA?

However, there are some things we can do to foster some sense of connection during these times. They don’t replace human contact, but they can provide some measure of relief.

Pray for your loved ones.

By praying we can feel some sense of connection to them, along with allowing a sense of connection to God. In prayer, we are asking God to watch, protect, and care for our loved ones. We are asking that God’s divine grace be present with our loved ones, even when we are unable to do so.

Take advantage of technology to contact your loved ones.

Whether it is Facebook, Snapchat, texting, or even phone calls- learn technology and use it to foster some sense of contact. If you can, use Facetime, Skype, or some other video program that will allow you to see as well as hear your loved ones. While it doesn’t replace face-to-face contact, it does give some form of connection.

An individual uses a laptop for an online support group. She is happy with her decision to start an online anxiety support group in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.Do family conference calls.

Whether using your cell phone to connect to multiple people, or using one of the applications like a free conference call app – you can create ways to check in on multiple people and have a mini-family reunion.

Don’t be afraid to express your needs and feelings.

During this time, people should hear that you love them, miss them, and care for them. We should know if our loved ones need help so wean find creative ways to assist them. Now is not the time to be silent and strong. It may be the best time to love and be vulnerable.

Say hello to people when you are out taking walks, even if from a distance.

Walking allows us to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy nature. You may see people that you know, or even some you don’t know. Just say hello. You never know how that simple action could help someone, and help you.

Think of other creative ways to connect.

I saw a picture recently of a man talking to his mother in a nursing facility. He was not allowed to go into the facility. Instead, he brought a chair, sat outside the window, and called her on the phone. By doing this, he created a way to have some type of connection. What creative ways come to your mind that you can use to connect?

Finally, don’t stay isolated.

Social distancing does not erase our humanity. As human beings, we still need contact with our loved ones. The worst thing we can do is stay isolated.

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