When You and Your Spouse Have Two Different Views About Vaccination

As many of us know, we are still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. The COVIID 19 virus has killed over 3 million people worldwide and over 500,000 within the United States. The good news is that now people are being vaccinated to protect themselves against COVID. However, one challenge is that there can be disagreements within the same household about vaccination.

What do we do when those disagreements occur?

Speak in heart talk language

Heart talk language is when we express our emotions and feelings. We don’t judge the other person, but instead, we look inside and talk about ourselves. An example might be, I feel nervous about taking the vaccine because the timeline for releasing them was so short. Or, I feel trapped and want the freedom to travel so this is why I want the vaccine. Here is a hint, when we start making statements like the following: I feel sad because YOU ( said or did xxxxx), we are headed down the wrong track. Just discuss your internal feelings.

Create a safe space where you can listen to one another

The goal of the discussion is not to convince your spouse to come to your side. It is to listen in order to understand their point of view. A good way to listen would be to summarize or repeat what you heard your spouse say. Even if we miss what our spouse says in our summary, they will know that we are listening, which can make a difficult discussion much easier.

Discuss boundaries

If both of you have differing viewpoints, begin discussing how you will navigate those boundaries. I experienced this discussion in my own life after taking a trip for work. My spouse and I discussed boundaries and agreed that we would sleep separately during the quarantine period. Remember to try and come up with solutions that could be a win-win. A win-win solution is one that BOTH parties can live with. If you cannot get to a win-win, then brainstorm ideas until you can find something that BOTH of you can live with.

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