Why Does My Spouse Not Listen To Me

A couple sits very close to each other smiling. A graphic reads, " Tips To Improve Communication With Your Spouse." These tips come from marriage counselor in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.

Have you ever had a dispute or argument with your spouse? You are trying to deal with an issue that repeatedly occurs and you are frustrated. You keep talking and talking and it seems that no one is home. You start yelling but no one seems to be there. It’s almost like your spouse is no longer listening to you.

And you would be right.

A couple sits next to each other appearing frustrated. This demonstrates concepts related to marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA. Our marriage counselors are able to assist couples struggling with communication.

But it’s not always an intentional act. Your spouse is experiencing a phenomenon called emotional flooding. Emotional flooding occurs when an overload of information comes in and the person’s senses are overwhelmed. There is an increase in heart rate and stress hormones of the person experiencing flooding. Once they are overwhelmed, they can no longer process any information. If your spouse is experiencing flooding, it no longer matters what you say because he or she can no longer hear you.

As a marriage counselor, I’ve seen this happen frequently.

How can you recognize when your spouse is flooded? When you see a glassy faraway look in their eyes, then you know that your spouse is experiencing flooding. Another clue is when the discussion changes from focusing on the problem to one of the insults and character assassination. The emotions are overwhelmed the person has lost the ability to have a rational discussion.

However, marriage counseling can help.

A couple sits next to each other. This relates to aspects of marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA. Our marriage counselors in Atlanta, GA are trained and ready to help.

At that point, it is time to take a break from the discussion and return to it at another time for resolution. Take a timeout to calm the emotions, then come back to the discussion at an agreed-upon time. It is important to come back to the discussion so you and your spouse can work on the problem with a rational mindset.

Marriage counseling can be a safe space for you and your partner.

This journey can be difficult. You may experience bumps along the way. And, that’s okay.  However, you don’t have to do this alone. Our marriage counselors in Atlanta, GA can offer you the support you need. Communication can be difficult. Often, it feels like you’re just not on the same page. Navigating the obstacles in a relationship can be difficult. However, you don’t have to do this alone.

Working with our marriage counselors can help.

Our marriage counselors have worked with a variety of couples navigating different experiences. And, some of those couples are dealing with the same thing that you are right now.  We know that every couple is extremely unique. In addition, we know that each relationship comes with a lot of context to consider. This is something our marriage counselors prepare for in marriage counseling.  Our marriage counselors can help in a variety of different ways. And, they are happy to help you navigate the different obstacles you and your partner are going through.

Begin Marriage Counseling in Atlanta, GA

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The cycle doesn’t need to continue. Marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA can aid in the process. Our marriage counselors have worked with a variety of couples in similar situations. We’re able to offer you high-quality services in our Atlanta-based counseling practice or through online marriage counseling. When you’re ready to begin your journey through marriage counseling in Atlanta, GA, follow these steps:

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  2. Get to know our team of marriage counselors. 
  3. No long question if your partner is listening to you.

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