Would Online Therapy in Georgia or In-Person Therapy Be Beneficial for Me

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One of the biggest challenges, when clients search for a therapist, is deciding the best fit. Many factors are involved in this including location, availability, and cost. A newer development that has occurred since the pandemic is the opportunity for remote therapy. With online therapy in Georgia, a client can see their therapist without meeting in an office. But, there are still some pros and cons to this arrangement.

Benefits of In-Person Therapy Over Online Therapy

Bigger guarantee of confidentiality.

One of the challenges of online therapy is the issue of confidentiality. When you are in the therapist’s office, there is greater control of the space and who enters and exits that space. There is a greater boundary, which promotes greater safety. When in the online space, one must take extra care to be sure others are not present in the room. The client must also control their environment to limit disruptions.

Relate to the therapist one on one in a room.

Another challenge that occurs in online therapy is focus. Sometimes clients begin multitasking during the therapy process. Whether it is taking care of the children, making dinner, or phone interruptions there is a greater potential for distractions in online therapy.

Detached from work or home.

By going to the therapist’s office, you have a space dedicated to doing your work. Entering the therapy space can create a mindset that this is the space a client goes to for healing and work. It’s different from a multi-use space, which often occurs when a client is at home, at work, or in their vehicle.

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Benefits of Online Therapy in Georgia

The convenience of not battling traffic.

If you live in a busy city, we know how traffic can affect commute times. Depending on the time of day, you might have to leave 15 minutes to an hour earlier. With online therapy, you don’t have to battle traffic. Thus, easing stress in preparation for your session.

Easier access and availability.

With online therapy, so long as the client stays within the state of Georgia, the client can have access to therapy at any time. I have known clients who have kept appointments while on vacation in the mountains. Or, at the beach, or visiting family. Sometimes, clients face challenges leaving work to go to appointments. But, online therapy allows clients to use their lunch breaks or free time to have therapy sessions. And, online therapy has also been found to be as effective as in-person therapy.

A broader selection of online therapists to choose from.

Many times, the decision in choosing therapists has often come down to location. Who may be the best fit for me and nearest to me?  In online therapy, clients can choose therapists from all across their state. Thus, a greater likelihood of a client and therapist match exists.

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