Relationship Counseling For One

You experience challenges in your relationship and you wanted to start counseling. But you were frustrated that your partner would not come when you brought it up.

Often, you wonder why you keep attracting the same type of partner. You realize that they don’t benefit you.

You’ve dated over and over again unsuccessfully. It’s happened so often that now you are giving up hope.

Perhaps you’re divorced. You’ve decided that you’re ready to ‘jump back on the horse.’ You want to get out and meet people, but you are a little bit gun shy.

If this sounds familiar, you could benefit from relationship counseling for singles.

Patterns That Can Be Solved with Relationship Counseling For One

A young man sits on a therapist's couch looking distraught. He is struggling with boundaries in relationships, knowing his values, and being authentic. He has decided to start relationship counseling for one in Atlanta, GA. You can work with an online therapist for relationship therapy for singles in Georgia too!

You feel like you have lost yourself in trying to please others. Maybe you just want to have better relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Living like this is exhausting. You constantly feel like you are the glue that’s holding these relationships. In addition, you keep finding yourself in relationships that aren’t beneficial. You put so much into them so the other person doesn’t feel less than. Because, unfortunately, you’re all too familiar with this feeling. Believe it or not, you can improve your relationship just by coming to therapy yourself. Your partner, significant other, or family member does not have to attend. Relationship counseling for one can help.

Common Considerations When Pursuing Relationship Counseling For Singles

Starting counseling can be really scary. People often ask themselves, and their therapist, some tough questions. These questions come from a place of feeling apprehensive and insecure. In addition, these feelings are often part of the reason why someone starts counseling. While every person starting relationship counseling for one does so for different reasons, here some common questions they consider:

But what if my partner is the problem? The sometimes-scary truth is that we have no control over the decisions our partners make. However, our decisions can influence the decisions that our loved ones make. All it takes is for one person to change in order to change a relationship or family dynamic.

The people around me are really critical. What if they give me a hard time for starting counseling? Understand that when you begin to change, your partner or family may have some initial resistance. That is because the change in you will create anxiety within them. However, that anxiety is what will also lead them to change. A healthier you can be a catalyst for change in your whole family.

How can talking about what’s wrong help me? In our therapeutic conversations, we can begin to recognize patterns of decision making and interactions you have with others. We can explore how you attach or love others, along with whether or not that is healthy for you. Recognizing our patterns and decisions is the beginning basis for change.

How Relationship Counseling For One and Singles Can Help

A woman stands against a blank background looking away from the camera. She previously struggled with authenticity, boundaries in relationships, and having values in relationships. However, she is feeling satisfied after beginning relationship counseling for one in Atlanta, GA. She can get help with relationship therapy for singles in Atlanta, GA with online therapy in Georgia.

As a therapist, I have helped many clients in making better decisions that can enhance their lives and relationships. I work with people in helping them to understand their values, goals, desires, and dreams.

Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries in relationships play an important part in how we are treated by others. Setting boundaries in relationships are vital to ensure clarity. Imagine that boundaries are like the fence in your yard, and the door to your home. If someone crosses the fence without permission, that’s called trespassing. If someone has permission to come into your yard, then it’s a good relationship.

But everyone that comes into your yard, is not allowed through the doors of your home. Boundaries are the doors that help us in guarding our hearts and making good decisions on who we let in, and who we don’t. Creating boundaries in relationships can help define everyone’s role.

Values in Relationships

Values in relationships also play an important part in understanding who we are and help us make better decisions. We learn values from our families, our friends, our churches, our social circles, and our community. Some of these values are true to who we are. Some are espoused values or values in which we are aspiring to live. And some values we secretly reject, but are too afraid to tell those communities that have influenced us. Furthermore, all of these factors contribute to the prioritized values in relationships.  This exercise can help you identify your core values and can help shed light on your values in relationships. 


Having healthy relationships starts with authenticity. This involves us first practicing authenticity with ourselves, so we can show authenticity to others. When we know ourselves and are authentically true to ourselves, we can put away the masks and have enriching relationships with other people.

The most significant relationship we have is with ourselves. When we see ourselves as valuable and can love ourselves with both our strengths and growing edges, then we can authentically walk in the world. The confidence that comes from walking authentically empowers us toward success in our relationships and in our endeavors.

Begin Relationship Counseling for One in Atlanta, GA

A man smiles while using his laptop for relationship therapy for singles in Atlanta, GA. He is feeling much better since he started relationship counseling for one with Faith and Family Empowerment in Atlanta, GA. You can get online therapy in Georgia here!

Take a moment and appreciate how much you’ve done and how much you do. You, as yourself without applying any expectations or exceptions, are enough. Unfortunately, recognizing that is easier said than done. Counseling can help you come to accept this fact. There is hope and we can help.  Our Norcross counseling clinic has caring therapists that specialize in relationship counseling for one. In fact, we can now help you with relationship therapy for singles throughout the state with online therapy in Georgia. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact me and request an appointment.
  2. Get to know your new therapist, William Hemphill
  3. Start overcoming your fears, finding joy, and living a meaningful life.

Other Mental Health Services at Faith and Family Empowerment

Relationship counseling for one isn’t the only service we offer at Faith and Family Empowerment. We are able to provide a variety of services to couples, families, and groups in our Norcross counseling clinic. We have seen great progress through premarital counseling, affair recovery, discernment counseling, marriage counseling, and group therapy. Additionally, we offer services through online therapy.  Faith and Family Empowerment offers faith-based services. Christian counseling focuses on evaluating your troubles through the Christian perspective. In addition, we offer counseling for adoptive families.

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